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會員可每天透過Email及SMS手機短訊(香港, 澳門, 大陸, 英美, 澳洲之手提電話號碼) 收取貼士。

日馬: 一般會於第一場開跑後(約1:15PM)發出
夜馬: 一般會於第一場開跑後(約7:30PM)發出


我們選擇馬匹基本上是不會考慮賠率的, 賠率只是反映大眾對馬匹的期望!當然在某些賽事中, 有個別馬匹確實是超班馬, 那時我們的選擇便會可能是大熱門! 請不要以為我們只是人我讚, 跟大圍全選大熱! (上季我們選中的頭馬之平均賠率為$53.0)

一般坊間之貼士均是每場選擇4至5匹馬, 並提議以一膽多腳或全餐型式落注連贏/位置Q. 雖然贏的次數較多, 但因為需要下的注數(成本)太多, 計起回報時很多時都會是負數. 至於我們, 我們每個賽馬日只會選擇個別賽事, 而只會選擇1至2匹馬, 以W/P 為主.

任何投資, 生意均有風險, 賽馬也不例外. 所以無人能期望或做到每場必勝! 我們的邏輯是希望: 總彩金 - 總成本 = 可觀的正數, 即是某個比例勝出之賽事已遠遠大於總成本. (上季我們選中的馬匹之入WP率為約63%)

所以除了以上述2點去減低總成本外, 我們亦會盡量(但不一定)避免以下類型的賽事:

1.五班馬: 通常馬匹質素較低, 意外較高

2.一班馬/公開賽: 因為馬匹質素最高, 大眾分析較為容易. 故此勝出的通常約$20元之大大熱門. 但凡事均有風險, 故值博率不是太高

3.沙田1000米直路賽: 爆冷的溫床

4.泥地賽: 可參考之賽事往績較少

5.賽馬日之第一場賽事: 場地偏差及質素未明

6,其他: 天氣突變, 太多新馬(不明物體), 海外賽事

Hong Kong Horse Racing Tips Format:
2 Core tips per every race day, mainly for W/P
Plus Cold odds tips for member’s reference
Ways to receive the tips information:
Our tips will be sent via email and SMS (Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland, UK, US, Australia Mobile phone number) on race day
Tips send out schedule:
Day time Race Meeting:  Usually right after Race 1 (Around 13:15)
Night time Race Meeting: Usually right after Race 1 (Around 19:30)
Our Strategy and Vision:
We will not consider the odds when selecting specific horses. It is because odds to some extend just reflecting the expectation from public for individual horses. However it is true that, in some specific races, certain horses are so obviously outstanding and so the odds become so ‘hot’. So at that circumstance our choice will also be hot! But please do not think our tips just follow the hot odds (as in last season, the average W odds of our tips was $53.0)
On the other hand, in the market and many public medias, the tips format is usually 4 to 5 horses per race, and recommend to bet in Quinella, or Quinella Place way. Though you may aware usually chance to get the QP is higher than WP, however, because of the cost (number of unit bet) is relatively high as well, the net return will still in negative! That’s why we just select 2 core horses per race meeting, and focus on Win / Place.
Every investment and business will have risk. Horse Race betting has no exception. But our logic is, in general and long run, our Win odds will be much larger than cost of bet and so generate positive return. (in last season, our selection achieved 63% W or P)
Besides the above logic to minimize the cost of bet, we will also (but not a must) to avoid recommend betting in following scenarios:
1.      Class 5: Higher chance of accident due to lower quality of horses
2.      Class 1/Group 3: Because of super high quality of specific horses, usually the winning horse will be very hot. But possibility to loss cannot be totally eliminated and so the ROI is not in good position
3.      Shatin 1,000 metres race: Always come with unexpected result
4.      AWT: Due to relatively fewer races in AWT, historical results for reference is also fewer
5.      The first race of race meeting: Unknown course condition and Going.
6.   Others: Sudden weather change, new horses, oversea races etc



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